Uber logoAfter hearing about Uber in the press, I decided to check it out. Almonte has always had transportation issues being a rural community. I know because I used to hitch hike to Ottawa as a teenager to shop! Mom probably didn’t know that.

I applied online to be a driver and after a fairly easy process and a few days I got word I was approved. This meant a police background check, credit check, lots of ID verification, Insurance verification, detailed questions about my vehicle ect. All in all, simple fast and at no cost.

Now its time to hit the road….yeeek!!

My first trip was a student going from Ottawa U to Carleton U. Very pleasant young man. Second trip was to the airport, again young techy male. He was from San Francisco and only uses Uber for transportation. Again very pleasant. I did 4 trips and earned $98.00 that day. Now we’ll see if the pay gets into my account on Thursday of every week as promised.

After the ride is over, fare is calculated and billed to your credit card. I don’t have to carry cash or debit machine. I can then rate you as a passenger 1-5 stars so future drivers can see if they want you in their car or not. The passenger rates the driver as well 1-5 stars. Consistent low ratings means Your Out!!

Well there it is!! In my account with a detailed report of how many kms I went, how much time I spent, how I rated my passenger and how they rated me. All Good

So I think Almonte could benefit from this service of ride sharing. We need drivers and passengers to go online to register. Put in this code KP8SJ and receive a free ride up to $20.00 ( I have to do some rides from Almonte to see how far $20.00 will take you) Probably around 18 kms.

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