During September and October the Town of Mississippi Mills will be making extensive renovations to the Almonte water tower.  The project, led by McDonald Applicators (New Brunswick), will include a complete cleaning and restoration of the tank coatings, as well as various mechanical repairs and upgrades.  The scheduled maintenance work involves fully draining the tank, removing all loose paint materials where necessary, and applying new paint finishes throughout all internal and external surfaces.  The tower will also be refinished with a new white and blue colour scheme along with a re-branded logo, approved by Town Council.  The estimated cost of the overall project is $450,000 once all engineering, construction and stand-by costs are factored in.   The 625,000 gallon water tower has not been painted since it was originally constructed in 1992, and coating systems are otherwise considered to be past the useful service life.

The Town will continue to supply safe and clean drinking water to Almonte residents and businesses for the duration of this major project, however, conservation measures will remain in place for the duration of the project.  Residents are therefore advised that summer water restrictions will be extended from the normal date of September 30th until October 18th as follows:

  • Odd numbered addresses may water on odd calendar days between the hours of 5am and 9am as well as the period from 7pm till 11pm
  • Even numbered addresses may water on even calendar days between the hours of 5am and 9am as well as the period from 7pm till 11pm

The Roads and Public Works Department will also be doing its share to implement conservation measures including suspension of hydrant-flushing activities as well as suspension of bulk water sales for the duration of the contract.

For further inquiries about the water tower project please contact the Roads and Public Works Department at 613-256-2064 Ext. 258.