by Glenda Jones, President, the Hub 

When vandalism occurs in our town, it affects everyone; when that vandalism is levelled at an institution whose role in the community is to assist anyone in need, an institution run by volunteers it hurts even more.

Some time over the past weekend the front door of the Hub at 118 Mill St. was violently struck and broken. Perhaps this was an accident, in which case the perpetrator would be forgiven.  However, no word has been received to this effect, leading us to believe it must have been done by someone exiting the bank machine area much too quickly, leaving a trail of damage in his wake.

The volunteers at the Hub work diligently every day to raise funds to return to our community.  It is inconceivable to us that we would have been attacked like this. Fortunately we will have help to do the repairs, but in the meantime, our only consolation is that our faithful customers were horrified when they saw the broken door. Many were sympathetic, and some were downright incredulous that such a situation could occur right here on our main street.

We welcome every person who walks through our doors at the Hub, and we trust in the inherent goodness of our community.  However, when vandalism occurs like this, the trust slips away.

Our friends at the Royal Bank and we sincerely hope we don’t have to deal with a situation like this again and we caution our customers to treat the broken door with respect until it can be fixed.  For now it stands as a testament to one thoughtless act that has impacted many people.


Glenda Jones, President, the Hub..