Thursday, August 18, 2022
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It’s a flood — of submissions, that is

This happens occasionally: apparently, everyone who has...

Garage sale in Pakenham, August 20

Garage Sale. Sat Aug 20. 8 am...

Puppets Up / Almonte Civitan Club 50-50 draw a great success

The end of a fine weekend! Drawing...
Letters to the Editor"Your computer will be shut off in an hour" scam

“Your computer will be shut off in an hour” scam

Scam alertVery early this morning, we received a telephone call, which my wife, still groggy with sleep, answered.  The voice on the other end said:  Your computer is going to be shut off in an hour and therefore you have to do the following to stop that.  My wife immediately handed me the phone and I said that I was not interested.  The young, male, foreign-sounding voice became very aggressive – and I hung up.  INSTANTLY, the phone rang again and the voice shouted at me and asked why I had hung up on him and that my computer was in danger, to which I replied:  If he did not stop the harassment, I would call the police – and hung up.  INSTANTLY, the phone phone rang again but this time only once.

I called my ISP (Internet Service provider) who said that no-one can shut off your computer UNLESS you give them access- and that hanging up and not saying anything at all is the best way to go.

I hope that this information helps others avoid an unfortunate computer-hacking situation.

Ted Legg




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