Scam alertVery early this morning, we received a telephone call, which my wife, still groggy with sleep, answered.  The voice on the other end said:  Your computer is going to be shut off in an hour and therefore you have to do the following to stop that.  My wife immediately handed me the phone and I said that I was not interested.  The young, male, foreign-sounding voice became very aggressive – and I hung up.  INSTANTLY, the phone rang again and the voice shouted at me and asked why I had hung up on him and that my computer was in danger, to which I replied:  If he did not stop the harassment, I would call the police – and hung up.  INSTANTLY, the phone phone rang again but this time only once.

I called my ISP (Internet Service provider) who said that no-one can shut off your computer UNLESS you give them access- and that hanging up and not saying anything at all is the best way to go.

I hope that this information helps others avoid an unfortunate computer-hacking situation.

Ted Legg