by Gay Cook

Author Rose Reisman has stepped into the breach to help us make smart choices and tips when eating-out from fast food, to coffee shops to fine dining. Reisman has recently published, ‘Choose it and Lose It, The road map to healthier eating at your favourite Canadian restaurants’. In her book, she helps us to make informed decisions about healthier foods to order, which menu item to avoid which to indulge in and why. This book is a must for any calorie-counting person who still wants to enjoy eating out. The book is available in most bookstores. It’s price is $24.95.

November is cold and wet which means it’s cold and flu season. Judy’s Organic Herbs has many suggestions and offers a new line of Wedderspoon products: Manuka and Beechwood Active Honeys, Anti-Aging Cream, lozenges, lip balm and soaps. All items are available at the Annual Herbal Open House on Nov 4th. For information, visit: Contact Judy’s Organic Herbs, PO Box 258, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A 3M0
phone: 613-832-8241