Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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LivingHealthCommunity feedback welcome on AGH strategic areas of focus

Community feedback welcome on AGH strategic areas of focus

by Mary Wilson Trider

Mary Wilson Trider4
Several weeks ago, I wrote about the Almonte General Hospital (AGH) Board’s strategic planning process and invited interested members of the community to a meeting to hear about our proposed future direction. The meeting was also an opportunity for the community to provide input for Board members to consider as they develop the strategic plan. 

The meeting took place on January 26, with about 35 people attending. I would like to thank those who took the time to participate. Board Chair Dr. Tom Todd and I found the comments to be both thoughtful and helpful.

Since the meeting, I have spoken with a number of people who were disappointed about not being able to attend.  For them, and for others who would have liked to attend, here are the draft strategic areas of focus.

Draft Strategic Area of Focus #1: Work collaboratively with others to establish and/or sustain a comprehensive and appropriate program base, including select regional programs, to serve the community

Draft Strategic Area of Focus #2: Partner with secondary and tertiary centres to identify appropriate clinical services that can be delivered by AGH as a satellite site function

Draft Strategic Area of Focus #3: Lead collaborative efforts to address the needs of the community and provide access to services for aging and end-of-life patients

Draft Strategic Area of Focus #4: Partner for revenue opportunities that utilize available land and assets to better serve the health and wellness needs of the community

If you have thoughts or comments about what is included or not included in the draft areas of focus, I would welcome your feedback. Please send me an e-mail message at mwilsontrider@agh-fvm.com before February 28. I will discuss your comments with the Board when it meets the following week. 

The Board will consider all of the feedback that has been gathered from internal and external stakeholders. It will then decide whether the areas of focus require adjustment before more detailed work is done to determine what actions are required to achieve them. We expect to complete AGH’s new strategic plan in early June.

 Mary Wilson Trider is the President and CEO of the Almonte General Hospital/Fairview Manor




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