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SportsABC time trial results

ABC time trial results

Results of ABC 40km time trial, Perth Road course, July 3, 2016

The second ABC 40km Time on Perth road was completed on July 3, 2016. Twenty-three riders started  and 22 finished. Conditions were near ideal; sunny, temperature 17c at the start, and SW winds encouraging the riders to the finish.

Tijmen Moltmaker did a course best and was the fastest overall with a time of 55:12. Hopefully Tijmen will be around for the next time trial. The fastest ABC rider was Michael Coldwell with a season’s best time. Roger Kinsman of ABC and Vello Mijal completed their first time trials ever. In all there were, using Celia McInnis’ records and john Warren’s spread sheets, 8 personal best times!

Anne-Marie Carter-McAuslan stopped to assist a fallen rider for about 10 minutes, time which is included in her result listed here.

Emily Jansen was time keeper and was assisted by Dave McAuslan and Sandy Solowjew, and Mark Miller was the turn marshall.

Results are:

Tijmen Moltmaker  UCI 55:12   CB

Rod Diaz OBC  55:16   CB, PB

Joachim Toelke OBC  55:52  CB, PB

Calah Wright Eurosports  56:54  CB

Chris Reid  Cyclery  57:29   CB, PB

Colin Campbell FC  59:30   SB

Graham Page  OBC  60:58   SB

Larry Burge  OBC  61:01  CB, PB

Alberto Padilla  Les Rouleurs 61:27   CB

Shawn Clarke  OBC  61:34

David Wright  OBC  63:30   CB, PB

Jacques Morvan  OBC 65:11   SB

Michael Coldwell  ABC 65:39   SB

Kory McDonald  OBC 66:42   SB

Tom Kemp  ABC  68:41 CB, PB

Les Humphreys  ABC  70:18   CB

Vello Mijal  OBC   70:19   PB   (yob =1946)

Roger Kinsman ABC  72:45  CB, PB   (yob =1963)

John Balint  OBC  72:49 CB   (yob =1943)

Celia McInnis  ABC 75:14   SB

Martin Skody  OBC  76:25   SB

Anne-Marie Carter-McAuslan  ABC  84:00

Chris Charlton OBC   DNF

The next  40 Km Time Trial will be on August 7th starting at 8:15 am with sign in starting at 7:30 am.

Results of ABC 15km time trial, Clayton Road course, July 5, 2016

On July 5th 10 riders started and finished the nineth time trial of the season. Conditions at the start were hot, 30 degrees C. and humid,  with  variable wind especially felt on the return leg of the course.

The fastest rider was Mike Nash and the fastest ABC rider was Michael Coldwell. Credit to Anne-Marie Carter-McAuslan, Les Humphreys and Michael Coldwell for season’s bests on not the easiest of nights.

We welcomed new rider Jeff de Jonge who had a credible time despite using flat pedals without clips. Also, Chad Dempsey continues to improve his time with a 4 minute improvement.  Thank you to Mark Miller who shadowed Chad for the ride giving Mr. Humphreys a chance to ride.

Emily Jansen was the time keeper ably assisted by Les Crane and Jacques Morvan at the line.   Fred Geuer was the Turn Marshall.

Results are as follows:

Mike Nash 21:06

Luc Angers UCI  23:59 Course Best (CB)

Jeff Clark CCC 24:18

Michael Coldwell 24:34 Seasons Best (SB)

Les Humphreys  26:46 SB

Dave McAuslan  27:10

Anne-Marie Carter-McAuslan  28:03 SB

Jeff de Jonge  ABC  28:55 CB

Bill Treusch  30:06 CB

Chad Dempsey 32:08 CB

The next 15km Time Trial will be on July 12th starting at 7:00pm with sign in starting at 6:30 at Union Hall.




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