Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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NewsAccreditation - a Quality Improvement Opportunity for AGH

Accreditation – a Quality Improvement Opportunity for AGH

by Mary WIlson Trider

From November 14 to 17 two surveyors from Accreditation Canada will be visiting Almonte General Hospital and Fairview Manor. Accreditation is a voluntary process that provides health care organizations with an external peer review based on standards of excellence. Accreditation standards assess governance, risk management, leadership, infection prevention and medication management, as well as services delivered across the organization. Patient safety is an integral component of the accreditation program.


As a member of Accreditation Canada, the Board of Directors, staff and physicians at AGH/FVM are pleased to have this opportunity to learn how to improve what we are doing in order to provide the best possible care and service to our patients and residents. We are also pleased to have an opportunity to showcase the things we are proud of, such as our medication reconciliation process, hand hygiene program, beautiful facilities and patient safety initiatives.


Under the guidance of Barbara Snasdell-Taylor, our Accreditation Lead, the staff and physicians have worked very hard to prepare for next week’s Accreditation survey. I thank them all for their dedication and commitment, and for their strong desire to individually and collectively do their best to represent the organization we are all proud of.


Sandra Kearns and Brian Payne are the two surveyors from Accreditation Canada. They are experienced health care professionals from Ontario who have received in-depth training on standards and quality improvement.In addition to speaking with staff, physicians and volunteers, they will be approaching some of our patients, residents, families and visitors to ask about their experiences at the Hospital and Manor. We encourage everyone to participate, but no one is obligated to do so. Patients, residents and others who do not wish to respond to their questions should not hesitate to say so. The surveyors will understand.


During the survey it will be “business as usual” here at AGH/FVM. Please join us in welcoming our visitors from Accreditation Canada as we continue our quality journey.


Mary Wilson Trider is President & CEO of AGH/FVM




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