Thursday, December 8, 2022
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LivingAl and Shirley's sunflower walk

Al and Shirley’s sunflower walk

As they do each summer, Al Potvin and Shirley Deugo make their beautiful sunflower walk for all of us to enjoy, on their property at the end of Carss Street. They even provide a pair of snips for anyone wishing to take blossoms away with them for their home vases or bouquets. Some photos follow; I also made a little video of my visit there on Saturday.

UPDATE: Al and Shirley provided this information:

Al and I would like to give credit where credit is due. We supplied the land and seeds for the sunflowers. We also welcome folks to pick. But Merrill Killeen and Milo Richards did all the heavy lifting!

They cultivated the soil, planted the seeds, watered during the dry spell early on and have tended them throughout the summer. They have grown the best display of sunflowers ever.
We want to extend a huge thanks to them and let people know to thank them as well.

It is wonderful to chat to people enjoying the sunflower path and hearing where the sunflowers have been shared.





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