groceriesAs a former Chair of the Lanark County Food Bank I was delighted to see their continuing efforts highlighted in the 4 September edition of the EMC. The article focused on the food bank’s ‘town hall community meeting’ in the North Lanark Agricultural Society hall in Almonte and their efforts to involve community organizations as they developed a strategy for the future three yeas. The purpose of the meeting was to spark interest and obtain input from social groups and organizations within their catchment area, including Almonte, to maximize inter agency assistance to those in need.
While pleased to see some Almonte organizations involved I was equalled disappointed to learn none of our Ward councillors, including the Mayor, attended. I think it important for our council to be aware of the food bank assistance provided to Almonte as approximately 20% of the food bank’s clients live in our Ward of Mississippi Mills ( 39 families; 50 adults & 46 children). The food bank operates a satellite office in Almonte where they provide food for clients on a weekly basis. The food orders are prepared at the food bank in Carleton Place and delivered in the morning for client pick-up.
This October Mayor Levi and four Ward councillors will again be running for office and I believe constituents should ask them what assistance they could provide to the food bank. The food bank requires many forms of support aside from financial assistance and if our Mayor and Ward councillor candidates were more familiar with the food bank’s operation they could provide advice or other assistance to help them better serve their Almonte clients.
Al Jones
Almonte, On.