All Hallows’ Eve

Under the spell of a bright gibbous moon,
Skeletons conjure a bone rattling tune,
And witches on switches sweep over the heath,
Hexing and cursing all poor souls beneath.

Ashes hide faces, and candle light flickers
On wandering bands of disguised treat or tricksters.
Bonfires roar skyward, the smoke purifying,
Now zombies are risen, their cries terrifying.

Ghouls in the shadows who whisper, “Hallooo,”
Old vampires and bats join the spook retinue.
Incantations and spells cannot banish the dread,
As tonight by the moon, we must host the undead.

Take up a lantern, but shroud all your features,
And roam through the land with the moaners and screechers.
Superstition and magic, for those who believes
Say ─ prepare for a haunting this All Hallows’ Eve!

Marcia Taylor