Thursday, December 8, 2022
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SportsAlmonte Bicycle Club 40 K Perth Road results

Almonte Bicycle Club 40 K Perth Road results


Below are the results of the second 40 kilometer time trial of the 2015 season, held on the Perth Road between Franktown and Perth, July 5th :

Twenty eight riders arrived at Franktown Christian Academy parking lot to warm 22 C, no wind and sunny conditions.

Twenty seven riders finished, one rider flatted 7 k from finish.

The fastest overall was Rod Diaz (Eurosport) in a time of 55:52.

Fastest female was Calah Wright (Eurosport) in a time of 60:07.

Fastest male from ABC was Denis Mahoney in a time of 56:40 an ABC record for this course.

There were 6 Season Best times, some, probably PBs due to the ideal conditions, including some good new pavement.


Results are:

  1. Rod Diaz Eurosport                      55:52
  2. Denis Mahoney ABC                    56:40
  3. Joel Katz OBC                             56:46
  4. Craig Burge OBC                         57:27
  5. Jim Tsilemos RwR                        57:52
  6. Chris Reid Cyclery                       58:37
  7. Calah Wright Eurosport                60:07 SB
  8. Colin Campbell OBC                    61:09
  9. Shawn Clarke Sum                       61:12
  10. Graham Page OBC                       61:26
  11. Alberto Padilla Rouleurs                61:37
  12. Mathieu Tremblay-Gravel RwR     62:06
  13. Larry Burge OBC                         63:02
  14. David Wright OBC                       64:01
  15. Wesley Morgan OBC                   65:26
  16. Judith Hayes OBC                        65:29
  17. Russ Redshaw OBC                     65:50
  18. Jacques Morvan OBC                  65:58
  19. Mike Larochelle Cyclery               67:08 SB
  20. Ian Austen OBC                           67:26 SB
  21. Richard Mertl RwR                       69:20
  22. Michael Coldwell ABC                 69:40
  23. Dave McAuslan ABC                   71:35 SB
  24. Celia McInnis ABC                       73:56
  25. Les Humphreys ABC                    74:17 SB
  26. Martin Skody OBC                       75:35 SB
  27. Marian MacKay OBC                   86:53
  28. Nick Van Haeften OBC                  DNF

Time keeper John Warren was ably assisted by Sherry Warren at the turnaround and Bob Woods at the start and finish.




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