Monday, May 29, 2023
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Letters to the EditorAlmonte Community Coordinators follow up on Hub lay-offs

Almonte Community Coordinators follow up on Hub lay-offs

The membership of the Almonte Community Co-ordinators (ACC) is navigating difficult times. As you know, the membership has tasked the Board of Directors to move forward with our temporary relocation. As we try to make the best decisions about how to use the funds raised at the Hub and Rebound, it is causing painful and emotional reactions.

Your responses, in recent months and days, prove the Hub and Rebound play an important role in our community. We are listening and taking your concerns to heart.

Some of you have asked us to send out our original Mission Statement (dated 1974). It is:

(a) TO supply and render services of a charitable nature to the community; and
(b) TO take an active interest in the civic, commerical, social and moral welfare of the community.

Our give back to the community in 2016 was $60,000. Payroll and expenses are the biggest costs to our organization. In a time when our payroll is more than double our donations back to the community, we had to look carefully about how our dollars are spent. In moving to our combined temporary location it is inevitable that our staffing pattern and jobs will change.

To answer your questions about why we are laying off staff and planning to repost jobs: How do you choose which staff stay and which staff goes, when people were hired to do different jobs, at different time of the day. There is a big difference in the work done by a sorter, a sales associate and a cashier. Combining these roles has a safety component – heavy lifting. To protect our staff and volunteers, we need job tasks that match the work that needs to be done.

Together, we can create a new plan that honours our past and takes us into the future. The survival and success of the Hub and Rebound depends on each and every one of us.

Nancy Dupuis, President
on behalf of the
Board of Directors
Almonte Community Co-ordinators




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