The Almonte Lions Club would like to express our appreciation to the following local businesses who assisted us to conduct our “Month of May- Giving Thanks and Giving Back” project to recognize our front line, and essential workers, who have assisted us all through this COVID-19 pandemic.

The owners of the following businesses were happy and eager to help us “Give Thanks and Give Back” to others:

  • Tim Horton’s
  • Patrice YIG
  • Milano’s Pizza
  • Tea and Cake,
  • Subway
  • Lakeside Shawarma

In supporting these local businesses, we were able to “doubly serve” – business and recipient – to sustain our wonderful community!

As it becomes clear that the pandemic is not over, we are committed to continuing to show our appreciation to our front line and essential heroes in the months ahead.

We have recently teamed with Carebridge Community Support and will work together with this organization in the coming months to continue the work started in May.  The Lions, in partnership with MM Together, will continue to show the appreciation of the full community as we work toward returning to a more normal way of life.  In this pandemic, our “heroes” continue their work, and we continue to be grateful!