by Brent Eades

Readers may recall that Almonte has been on the travel site Expedia’s lists of Towns you Need to Visit and Top Small Towns to Visit for a Canada Day Getaway.
I’ve just learned that an Expedia poll has put us on yet another list: ‘Canadians Choose Their Favourite Small Towns.’
Photo: Brent Eades

This is a ranked list and I’ll cut to the chase — we’re #23 of the 25 towns on the list. Here’s how Expedia picked the finalists: polled 1,000 Canadians to nominate their favourite small towns. We sorted through all the written survey results to find the most frequently mentioned places (population max 20,000), and are eager to present the top choices. These are the favourite small towns in Canada, in ranking order. Bragging rights definitely apply.

#23 may sound slightly disappointing I suppose, until you scroll through the list of towns that came out ahead — places like Banff, Whistler, Peggy’s Cove, Jasper and Mont Tremblant. Some of the best-known destinations in Canada, in other words.

I don’t know about you, folks, but I think we’re doing something right here.