pub session

Almonte – On Sunday afternoons once a month, a small group of dedicated singers gathers in the upstairs parlour of the Barley Mow to sing old sea shanties, gospel tunes, songs of love and songs of war.

According to organizer David Baril, who founded the session in 2005, the idea is “to revive the days when people would gather round the kitchen table or in a local pub and sing and play for their own pleasure.” We emphasize traditional songs with choruses such as sea shanties and old gospel tunes to make it easy for everyone to sing along. The stronger singers lead and sing the verses, and anyone can join in on the choruses.

“These days,” says Baril, “we are so bombarded with highly produced commercial music that we’ve lost the experience of singing for ourselves. In this session, we rediscover the pleasure of making music simply for our own enjoyment.”

The session runs on the fourth Sunday of the month from 2 – 4 p.m. at the Barley Mow.  This month it’s on Sunday, October 26th.  For more info see the Almonte Trad Song web page or contact David Baril at 613-355-5552.