Sunday, March 26, 2023
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LivingAn occasion to re-boot our collective self-perception – SRCMM update

An occasion to re-boot our collective self-perception – SRCMM update

“There is so much to be thankful for!”   We’ve been hearing this phrase repeated often… by members of the sponsor groups, by newcomer families (through translators) and by community supporters.

Indeed, there is little doubt of the abundance of gifts that have come forward since the SRCMM was created only 5 months ago.  From the formation of the constituent groups and monies raised to complete the applications, to the overwhelming donations of goods and services, and finally the community fundraisers such as this past weekend’s Civitan Valentine dinner & dance.  All are a testament to the power of community engagement that we know has converted several doubters in its wake. We ARE a community of caring, compassionate Canadians who celebrate the gift of one another’s presence, who work hard to respect pluralism and live in harmony.  The SRCMM project has been an occasion to re-boot our collective self-perception. Thank you.

Ref 1

But there’s more to do…

Any day now, as noted below, the SPAUC Group will welcome its family of five! With our second family now getting settled in, through the good graces of the ABC Welcome Group, we are working hard to resolve some of the challenges of rural life. One is “drivers”… finding enough volunteer drivers to shuttle family members to appointments has been a challenge. Another has been having an English Language training strategy prepped. We strive to work through channels. A nagging issue has been the lack of local dental services covered by government programs for our newcomers. The programs are apparently there, but the services are not. Lessons learned, perhaps.

Finally, there are the many thoughtful people who extend their help in so many ways. We hope you will enjoy these two examples:

  • February 20, 2:00 pm: Royal Canadian Legion (Almonte). Mill Street Books donates the proceeds from Claudia Smith’s readings from her book, “Barns” to the SRCMM.
  • February 28, 2:00 pm: Andrew’s United Church in Pakenham supports the SRCMM by hosting “Songs of the Misty Isles”, a harp concert featuring music and poetry from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Brittany.

Arnie Francis, Chair, Syrian Refugee Committee of Mississippi Mills (SRCMM)

Ref 2

Tuesday, January 26th St Paul’s Anglican / Almonte United Churches (SPAUC) received news that it had been “authorized to proceed with the sponsorship of BVOR 469.”

Finally we had been notified that we were matched with a family just before the government put a pause on sending more lists.  We felt we had hit the jackpot.

Our family consists of a mother (homemaker), a father (iron worker), a daughter (17), son (13) and son (7).  This family will arrive anytime from now until the end of February with approximately 3 days prior notice.

The family will be living in the Parish House on the property of St Paul’s Anglican Church. Accommodations have not been easy to find so we are grateful for this opportunity. The renovations will start in the near future.  The family will stay in the rectory until renovations are complete. The goal is to help the family become independent over the year.

The family’s arrival is exciting. We feel very lucky to live in a community where the other sponsor groups are dedicated and generous in sharing resources and lessons learned.

Cathy Reside, SPAUC Group

Next biweekly update from the Team Almonte Group.




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