Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Councillors' ForumAnonymous letter advises Town staff to find other jobs

Anonymous letter advises Town staff to find other jobs

EDITOR’S NOTE: We have received this copy of a letter from “The Committee” that was left at Town Hall recently. Several members of Council have sent us this reply.

Personal and Confidential


The Committee to Reform
Municipal Government in Mississippi Mills

Dear [redacted]

We the Committee want to assure you at the outset that this letter is not intended in any way to threaten or intimidate you. It is solely for relaying facts and information. We want you to be aware of some of the changes that we and other civic groups are co-ordinating in preparation for the upcoming municipal elections.

As you are not doubt aware plans to present a unified slate of candidates with a cohesive platform and a shared advertising campaign is an approach intended to sweep all of the present councillors and the Mayor from office. The amazing number of towns people who have attended council meetings and protest gatherings has demonstrated that thousands of citizens are deeply disgusted and opposed to the present municipal government. There is no harm in reporting these facts as efforts to recruit candidates are already underway. We expect to begin publishing very soon.

And now to the purpose of writing to you. In addition to removing all of the current council we recognize that it is imperative that we remove many of the senior professional staff. We are compiling a catalogue of the actions that you have taken. Many of your actions have severely harmed this community both financially and developmentally. While much of this information is common knowledge it will be reinforced. As support staff you must talk amongst yourselves as to the lack of municipal leadership provided to community. This will be reinforced as part of our campaign to prove the impossibility of allowing our current local government to continue operating.

In fairness to you and other staff we are alerting you now in order to provide adequate time for you to secure an alternate employment position. If you act quickly before the public campaign commences you may be able to acquire a stronger letter of recommendation from the current council something that will not be forthcoming from the new council. Being let go for cause can be very upsetting and difficult to explain. We recommend that you use your time wisely.

Without malice we wish you the best of luck.


The Committee




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