Mayor’s Annual Address

Tonight is the last meeting for many of those around this table. Those departing have 109 years of combined service. They take with them a wealth of municipal experience and corporate knowledge, and leave behind many achievements. Here are the highlights of just this term:

  • 13 lots sold in the industrial park that will dramatically boost commercial taxes and local jobs
  • A splash pad, skateboard park and play structure in Gemmill Park designed for families
  • A youth center to provide kids a safe place to hang out
  • A local economy, with a strong tourism component, that is the most robust since the mills closed down
  • A financial plan and asset management plan that have gone a long way to closing the massive infrastructure gap we inherited
  • Huge upgrades to infrastructure including six new bridges, a new roof on the Almonte arena, and an expanded Pakenham library.

The list could go on.

I thank the following members for their service:

  • Councillor Alex Gillis, 26 years in Mississippi Mills and Almonte
  • Councillor John Edwards, 21 years in Mississippi Mills and Ramsay
  • Councillor Valerie Wilkinson, 15 years
  • Councillor Duncan Abbott, 13 years in Mississippi Mills and Pakenham
  • Councillor Jane Torrance, 11 years
  • Councillor Paul Watters, 8 years
  • Councillor Jill McCubbin, 4 years
  • Councillor Amanda Pulker-Mok, 3 years

Some of you have chosen to retire. Others we may see coming back. I wish you all the best in whatever paths you chose.