1. The only person ever to win two undivided Nobel Prizes has been the late American scientist Linus Pauling.   He won the first one for Chemistry in 1954, and the second, for Peace, in 1962.
  2. A nebbish is a poor, ineffectual person.  The word derives from the Yiddish, ‘poor, unfortunate’.  In its earliest use in English in the 1840s, it was spelled ‘nebbich’ and used as an interjection.
  3. Honorary new Canadian Malala Yousafzai was born in the Swat district of northwest Pakistan.
  4. Eidetic memory is one that is vividly experienced and readily reproduced in great detail.  Similar to a photographic memory, which has so far never been demonstrated to exist.
  5. The citrus fruit bergamot is used to flavour Earl Grey tea.