by Diana Filer

  1. Patrick Marleau, the hockey player with the San Jose Sharks, last week broke Gordie Howe’s record for most hockey games played by a single person:  It is now 1,768.
  2. The Birthday Paradox refers to the probability of two or more people in a group sharing the same birth date.  A group of 23 people has a 50 per cent probability, while in a group of 70 people, it becomes 99.9%.  Probability becomes 100% when the number in the group reaches 367, because of the number of days in a year plus leap year.
  3. Mahatma Gandhi is the author of the ‘yesterday and tomorrow’ quote.
  4. The capital of Pakistan before Islamabad was Karachi.
  5. Nomadland is this year’s favourite movie for a Best Picture Oscar