1.  The first oil well in North America was dug in Oil Springs, Ontario, in 1858, a full year before the first one in the United States.
 2.  Peculium is private property, coming from the Latin meaning of possessions a father allowed his son to have or a master his slave.
 3.  Ban Ki-moon, of the Republic of Korea, is the Secretary-general of the United Nations, unanimously re-elected by the UN General Assembly until the end of 2016.
 4. The Group of Seven include:  A Y Jackson, Lawren Harris, Frank Johnston; Arthur Lismer; Franklin Carmichael, J E H MacDonald and Frederick Varley.  When Carmichael left the group, A J Casson replaced him.  Tom Thomson was never a member, as he disappeared before the group was officially formed in 1920.
 5.   A logion is a saying attributed to Jesus Christ, although not recorded in the Gospels.