1. quiz Riding Mountain National Park is in Manitoba, sitting on the Manitoba Escarpment.
  2. Dr. Kay Scarpetta is the medical examiner heroine of the crime novels of Patricia Cornwell.
  3.  Billie Holiday, Sophia Loren and Mae West all served time in prison:  Holiday for narcotics, Loren for tax evasion, and West for ‘corrupting the morals of youth’ for her play ‘Sex’.
  4.  The Hon. Gail Shea is Canada’s Minister of Fisheries, a position she held once before.  As well, she was previously Minister of National Revenue.  Shea is a conservative MP for Egmont in Prince Edward Island.
  5. Tawdry is an altered short form of St Audrey’s lace, the cheap, gaudy neck pieces sold at the annual St Audrey’s Fair in Ely, England.