1. quizCampari was originally coloured with carmine dye, prepared from cochineal beetles.
  2. An entire horse is an ungelded stallion.
  3.  The First Nations University of Canada is recognized as such by the Saskatchewan government, but it is actually a college of the University of Regina, and degrees are conferred by the U of R.  Opened in 2003 by the Earl of Wessex, it has 3 campuses:  Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert.  The Regina campus building was designed by First Nations architect Douglas Cardinal.
  4.  In opera, fifth business is the odd man out: the character, usually male, who has no counterpart of the opposite sex.  Apparently the Canadian Robertson Davies coined the phrase when he wrote Fifth Business, the first novel of The Deptford Trilogy.
  5.  44 sovereign nations have monarchs as head of state, of which 16 are commonwealth countries recognizing Queen Elizabeth as head.