by Diana Filer

1. An oumoumoua is the comet-like object from interstellar space which passed near the earth in 2017.  Oumouamoua is a Hawaian word which means ‘a messenger from afar arriving first’.  It was discovered by the Canadian physicist and astronomer Robert Weryk.
2.  A rodeo rider has to stay at least 8 seconds on a bucking bull in order to be awarded any points.
3.  Al Jazeera Broadcasting Network headquarters are in Doha, Qatar.  The English section of Al Jazeera rotates between London and Doha.
4.  Noetic sciences are those that relate to the mind or intellect.

5.  The Pig War took place in the San Juan Islands in1859 over a border dispute between Britain and the USA caused by an American farmer shooting a pig owned by a non-American resident of the island.  The military was soon called in.