Monday, May 23, 2022


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Yard of the Week is back!

Get your gardens ready!  In 2022, the...

Update from the municipality on storm clean-up

As a result of the severe windstorm...

Woman killed by tree branch in Ferguson’s Falls

(CARLETON PLACE, ON) - The Lanark County...
Diana's QuizAnswers to Diana's Quiz March 9, 2013

Answers to Diana’s Quiz March 9, 2013

  1. The growing season in Almonte is about 150 days a year.   The extreme southwest of  British Columbia, e.g. Vancouver and environs in the only one more than six months long, approximately 220 days.
  2. Charles Dickens did not finish The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
  3. The  Home Insurance Building in Chicago was the first steel frame skyscraper, constructed in 1884-85.  It  was ten storeys high, and had an elevator, an invention attributed to Elisha Otis who had developed it in 1852.
  4. The Ides of March fall on the 15th day, one of only 4 months that did, May, July and October being the other. Usually the Ides were on the 13th day.  The Kalends were always the first of each month, and the Nones the 5th day except for the four months above, when they were on the 7th day.    This system was developed in early Roman times and continued in some forms of use right into the Renaissance.
  5. The vampire bat, the male duck-billed platypus, and some types of shrew, to name 3 venomous animals.   One theory that there are so few is that mammals have developed other methods of defence.




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