Monday, September 26, 2022
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Answesr to Diana’s Quiz, September 24 2022

Seldom is a community on Fogo...

GIZEM CANDAN: GARDEN OF MANA at Sivarulrasa Gallery

Gallery I, Sept 21 – Oct 28,...

An Idea Worth Pursuing! An Open Letter to Electoral Candidates

Congratulations to Christa Lowry as Mayor acclaimed....
Science & NatureNature"Artistic birdhouse auction" is coming in April

“Artistic birdhouse auction” is coming in April

Prizes for the birdhouses earning the top bids in each of four categories!

Proceeds to Mississippi Mills Field Naturalists Cliff Bennett Scholarship Fund

Find out how to submit yours, contact Glenda Jones – 256-6479


Have fun with a creative winter project making either a functional or decorative birdhouse out of anything: Metal, wood, glass fabric, paint, yarn, even old camera cases or boots!


Waiting for schools to re-open? Why not have fun with a creative project. You can decorate milk cartons, tin cans, or even lego pieces. Need help? Here are a few ideas:




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