Monday, April 15, 2024
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EnerduBig crowd turns out for 'Save Our River' fundraiser

Big crowd turns out for ‘Save Our River’ fundraiser

by Brent Eades


The Old Town Hall was packed Saturday night as local musicians donated their time and talent to raise awareness about the impact of the proposed Enerdu hydro project on our town.

Tracey Prescott spearheaded the show, which was organized in conjunction with the Mississippi Riverwatchers. Funds raised will go into an account the Riverwatchers can draw on as they continue to bring the fight against the Enerdu project to the provincial government in Toronto.

Riverwatchers spokesman Bryn Matthews told the crowd that our community increasingly has the ear of provincial bureaucrats and politicians who will eventually decide whether Enerdu can build its 5,000 square-foot powerhouse in the middle of town, after blasting and dredging away large stretches of the riverbed and waterfalls.

Popular local musician Terry Tufts made an impassioned plea to the crowd against the project, reminding them, “this won’t be easy. We may have to stand in front of trucks if it comes to that.”

The musical highlight of the evening was a lively set by the Prescott family — Randall, Tracey and Kelly. They were brought back for an encore after a loud and long standing ovation.

The crowd was reminded that community pressure on the Ontario government may well be a deciding factor in the outcome of the Enerdu proposal. Letters of opposition to the Premier and the Minister of Environment will help.

The Millstone has an extensive archive of articles about the Enerdu proposal.














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