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PPandE 2013

Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and teachers filled the upper hall at the Almonte Legion on Tuesday evening, December 10, 2013 to acknowledge the winners of the Almonte Branch 240 Remembrance Posters, Poems and Essays annual contest.   Applause echoed through the Branch as the young visual and literary artists were called forward to receive their awards and certificates.

Each year, contestants express their creativity through words and art as they learn about the various facets of Remembrance in their classrooms.  Through the contest, the Royal Canadian Legion continues the tradition of Remembrance among Canadian youth. Locally, we had 109 entries to the contest, although, sadly, none from grades 9-12 or from R. Tait McKenzie School.  Almonte Branch 240 winners (places 1st through 3rd) included:

Primary Colour Poster:  Duncan Bird, Maya Crawford, Hunter Spinks

Junior Colour Poster:  William Francoeur, Katherine Van Campen, Renee Portelance

Intermediate Colour Poster:  Kyle Douglas Porteous, Dora Tamas, Callum Ramsay

Intermediate Black and White Poster:  Lydia Charron, Megan Flynn, Kennedy Snaith

Junior Poetry:  Hanna Rose Pringle, Mason Fraser, Sean Edward

Intermediate Poetry:  Alexander George, Ryan Andrigo, Liam Gallagher

Junior Essay:  Samantha Cooney, Abigail McKenzie Violet Gordon, Harrison Toop

Intermediate Essay:  George Kay

Winning first place entries have been forwarded to a further Royal Canadian Legion Zone 6 competition.  Congratulations to all!