Mississippi Mills is full of proud Canadians! We’ve heard from a few of you who were surprised to see an American flag waving over our beautiful cenotaph.

Tiffany MacLaren

We want to assure you this was merely cosmetic for the film company that was shooting aerial shots this Saturday and Sunday. The film crew obtained permission from the Legion before switching flags.

Millstone photo: Cenotaph at 2016 Remembrance Day service

Since the movie is purchased by an American company unfortunately Almonte needs to look like small town USA. This is however a Canadian production – about 98% of the crew and 75% of the actors are in fact Canadian.

The location manager on this production recently let us know this movie spent $35,000 locally (in February & March) paying rent for locations, paying for set dressing and food, paying residents as extras and crew and even buying cookies at Baker Bobs!