This month, the Ottawa Centre of the RASC (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada)  invited a special guest speaker, staff writer for Astronomy Magazine, Mr. Bob Berman.


There are 2 websites where the lecture is available:

Here’s the page for all  recorded Ottawa Centre meetings:

Here is the You Tube posting:

The lecture was presented at the Aviation and Space Museum on Friday Dec 5 2014. Bob explores the questions:

What is the Universe

Where is the Universe

as it relates to the human capacity to perceive Space and Time, and perhaps other dimensions…

Along the way, Bob addresses current research in

  • colour perception and spectral analysis
  • gravity
  • levels of locality
  • ‘EPR’ – (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen)  Entanglement

Bob is very much  in favour of Observational Astronomy for what it can do to aid our perception. It  is one wide-open  door through which we might be able to ‘see through a glass dimly’…