On December 3, 2013, the Mississippi Mllls Town Council adopted a by-law putting the question of the composition of council on the muncipal ballot in the next election. The question will be:

Given that Town Council is currently composed of 11 members, do you support a change in the composition of Council beginning in the year 2018 to 7 members, with a mayor and deputy mayor elected at large, 1 ward councillor for Pakenham, 2 ward councillors for Ramsay and 2 ward councillors for Almonte?

Results of the question are binding if at least 50% of the eligible electors vote on the question and of those more than 50% of the votes are in favour of those results. If the results are binding and the “affirmative” receive the majority of the votes the Town must implement the question.

If the results are binding and the “negative” received the majority of the votes the Town cannot implement the question for a period of four years following October 27, 2014.

Any appeal to the Chief Electoral Officer of the Province of Ontario under Section 8(1)(b) of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, on the grounds that the question is either (a) not clear, concise and neutral; or (b) the question is incapable of being answered by “yes” or “no” must be filed with the Clerk of the Town of Mississippi Mills no later than January 10, 2014. A notice of appeal must set out the objections and the reasons in support of the objections.