EDITOR’S NOTE: We have received the following letter from Councillor John Edwards. The anonymous letter Mr. Edwards refers to can be read here.

I have received permission from the councillors listed below to issue this statement on their behalf:

Staff members of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills have recently received an anonymous letter from a self-declared “The Committee”, directly threatening multiple senior staff of the corporation with loss of employment after the next election when a “unified slate of candidates” will make it an “imperative that we remove many of the senior professional staff”. The letter maliciously claims senior professional staff “have severely harmed this community both financially and developmentally.”

The following Mississippi Mills Councilors reject false claims against the senior professional staff members of the corporation. The claims are unfounded and completely without substance. Our staff are performing their duties professionally and capably, and do not deserve such intimidating treatment. The progress and positive change of Mississippi Mills over almost two decades is self-evident. It is due to the combined leadership of both elected and non-elected staff members.

Mayor McLaughlin, Councilors Gillis, Lowry, McCubbin, Pulker-Mok, Torrance, Waters, Wilkinson, Edwards

Councilor Abbott is out of the country and was unavailable to comment on the matter.