"Mr. McBeath's call elsewhere, in his own language, is to "reconstruct the river bed" to serve his business interests and promote rafting and tourism, not fish habitat, or the health of the river system. This is akin to his earlier proposal and lobbying efforts to create a camp ground in, and pave with roads and development part of our local Gemmill park, for the same purpose. There would be some tourism benefits in both instances, but at what environmental cost?

The effect would be to Enable Enerdu and result in its project's massive environmental impact on our river, not stop it. It would not heal the deep and permanent wound to the river, just help ensure it happens. He cites the U.S. small group "American Whitewater" active in piggybacking on hydro projects to promote this sport. I would not support his choice. The North American organization active in Canada that is grass roots based that I would support is "Riverkeepers", dedicated ONLY to the health of river systems and the environment. They are not involved in "reconstructing river beds", but protecting them."

Daniel Coates