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Science & NatureEnvironmentDisappointment over County spraying vote

Disappointment over County spraying vote

MAY 28, 2017 — The Friends of Lanark County are disappointed that – given the opportunity for Lanark County Council to reverse the decision taken at their May 10 meeting – that County Council denied Tay Valley Township’s request not to spray pesticides on the County roads that pass through Tay Valley.

At this County Council meeting on May 24, a weighted vote was taken: 52 votes supported Tay Valley’s request, and 54 denied them their request. Those who voted against Tay Valley Township’s request were: Councillors Stewart and Hall, Lanark Highlands; Councillors Dobson and Van der Meer, Montague; Councillors Kidd and Mousseau, Beckwith; Councillor Antonakos, Carleton Place; and Councillors Churchill and Code, Drummond/North Elmsley.

Because of resident concerns, warning signs will be posted after roadside spraying. Individual notices for people who live on the spray route will not be available.  In the meantime, residents need to be watchful of roads near them that are slated for spraying. If you see culverts and hidden streams that are on the spray route, please contact Lanark County’s Department of Public Works at to let them know.  To report a pesticide incident (i.e., a pesticide-triggered health reaction, or failure of the spray-truck operator to take environmental precautions; for example, by spraying near water or on a windy day), send an email to the Ministry of Environment Inspectors, and  Check the Lanark County website URL for daily updates on the roadside spraying schedule at

The Friends of Lanark County also encourage people to continue to submit, if they haven’t already done so, their requests for an exemption from having their roadside sprayed to the County or the public works department of their municipality or township (NOT applicable to Mississippi Mills or Tay Valley Township residents, because these municipalities are not spraying their roadsides) to see if they can be accommodated.




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