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LivingHealthDr. Ed Woods

Dr. Ed Woods

"I met and married an Almonte girl, Anne Rooney, who was an oncology nurse at the Toronto General Hospital," says Dr. Woods. "We have now been together for 30 years, so I have had a long-time connection to Almonte".

Dr. Woods previously practised at the Scarborough General Hospital for 23 years, including the past seven years as Chief of Urology.

"Then we decided to make a lifestyle change, he explains. We have a cottage on Buckshot Lake and decided to move to Belleville to be closer to the cottage and to Almonte."

Dr. Woods, who began practising in Belleville in September, was also drawn to Quinte Health Care because the organization had acquired a third-generation green light laser.

"I specialize in using the green light laser, which is special high-tech equipment that allows me to treat benign prostate obstructions," he explains.

After hearing that his sister and brother-in-law were moving to Belleville, Almonte resident Steve Rooney passed the information along to AGH Chief of Staff Dr. Anne Oldfield. Arrangements were soon made for Dr. Wood to begin providing urological services at AGH.

At present, Dr. Woods is spending a day at AGH once a month.

"The Hospital has been looking for a urologist since last December, when Dr. Power returned to full-time practice in Ottawa, says AGH/FVM President & CEO Mary Wilson Trider. We were delighted to find someone with Dr. Woods' skills and experience, who also has a connection to the community."

Dr. Woods provides a number of urological services to local patients, including consultations, vasectomies, circumcisions, testicular surgery and surgery for female stress incontinence.

Patients wishing to access Dr. Woods' services should see their family physician for a referral. People without a family doctor in the community are encouraged to contact the Ottawa Valley Family Health Team at 613-256-2514, ext. 2602.

Dr. Woods, who was born in Quebec, grew up in the U.S. and trained at the University of Toronto, said he is very impressed with the Almonte General Hospital's facilities.




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