Friday, December 2, 2022
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EnerduEnerdu votes pass Council on Tuesday

Enerdu votes pass Council on Tuesday

Two votes were brought before Town Council tonight regarding Enerdu’s plan to expand its hydroelectric plant in the heart of Almonte. Both motions were passed.

The first, tabled by Shaun McLaughlin, read in part,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council does not support the Enerdu GS Expansion and Redevelopment Project in its current form and that the Premier of Ontario, the ministers of Energy, Environment, Culture and Resources, and the Enerdu proponent be advised.

This motion passed by a 7-3 margin. The councillors opposed were:

  • John Levi
  • Rickie Minnille
  • Denzil Ferguson

John Edwards was absent.

The second motion was a request by the Town’s Heritage Committee to accept its report citing numerous concerns about Enerdu’s Heritage Impact Assessment, which was recently submitted to the Ontario government. The report pointed out:

…inconsistencies, errors or unclear aspects of the final report.

This motion was passed 8-2, and was opposed by:

  • John Levi
  • Rickie Minnille

A third motion,  drafted by Councillor Duncan Abbott, also passed. It calls for a re-examination of Mississippi River  levels following unexpected heavy summer rains that are flooding the fairgrounds.





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