I grew up in this community, graduated from Almonte High School and moved back in 1993 to support my aging mother. My husband and I have made it our home; he gave seven years to the town as mayor; we own a condo on the Mississippi in the middle of Almonte, the dream of a lifetime for me.

Canada’s 150th birthday is here. We live in the best country in the world and celebrations are happening all over our country.

But in Mississippi Mills, Council hires police to keep the peace in Council meetings. What is wrong with this picture? What has happened to mutual respect? What has happened to active listening? We must hear each others’ views, walk in each others’ shoes.

Mayor — being defensive is not helping the situation. Citizen groups — maligning the councillors and staff is not helping the situation. Councillors — listen to your constituents and vote accordingly! You have been voted in to represent the people not your own views.

My message is to everyone. Turn this situation around. Today is the day to realize that we have a wonderful community. No more police at meetings! No more personal insults to others. Enough!!

Jeri Lunney