Even 98-year-olds can enjoy bicycle month!

by Millie Maloney

Jeff Mills took the initiative to bring a special bike to town for bicycle month. It pedals a wheelchair in front of it for seniors to ride in. Seniors and others can now get the feel of what it is like to go for a bike ride.

On June 12 Mike Maloney decided to borrow this special bike to take his 98-year-old mother for a spin. He drove her from our home on spring Street Up to orchard view where Mary could play her usual Tuesday bridge with Dorothy Finner, Anne and Freda. Mary had never been on a bike in her life.

To Mike’s great surprise she agreed to go, but she got the thrill and scare of a lifetime. She said she felt like a little robot on this strange bike. I don’t think she would care to try it again anytime soon!

You too can borrow this bike from the Mills Community Support office.