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LivingHealthGenerous donors gave nearly $340,000 for medical equipment in 2013-14

Generous donors gave nearly $340,000 for medical equipment in 2013-14

 by Mary Wilson TriderMary-Wilson-Trider4During our remarks at the recent Annual General Meeting, I and others took the opportunity to thank the Almonte General Hospital/Fairview Manor Foundation’s donors for their contributions during the 2013-14 fiscal year. As many of you are aware, the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care provides funding for day-to-day operating costs and for bricks and mortar. Funding for equipment is the responsibility of communities.

Your generosity allowed the Hospital and Manor to purchase nearly $340,000 of new and replacement equipment over the past year. Patients and residents are benefitting from:

Day Hospital

* Mobile arm support

Emergency Department

* 2 cardiac monitors

* Tono pen (for measuring eye pressure)

Medical/Surgical Unit

* Ceiling lift

* 4 beds

* 4 recliner chairs

Obstetrics Department

* Panda baby warming unit

* Portable telemetry unit

* 2 blood pressure monitors

* Water/ice dispenser

Operating Room

* Cystoscopes

* LED Laryngoscope upgrade

* Liposuction equipment

* Smoke extractor

* Warming cabinet


* Step on Cross Trainer

Rosamond Unit

* 2 therapeutic recliners

* 2 therapeutic air mattresses

* Ceiling lift rails

Recovery Room

* 2 bedside monitors

* Fluid warmer

Fairview Manor

* Hydraulic stretcher

* 2 Broda chairs

* 13 beds

* 30 mattresses

* Ceiling lift tracks

In addition to all of this equipment, funds donated in 2013-14 supported a down payment on the beautiful new Fairview Manor van that was delivered in May.

Last, but by no means least, members of the Leadership Team and Nursing staff benefitted from a donation by the Royal Bank that provided education designed to improve communication across the inter-disciplinary care team.

Donors truly have made a positive impact on the quality of care received by patients and residents and on their comfort. Thank you, once again, for your tremendous support.

Mary Wilson Trider is President & CEO of Almonte General Hospital and Fairview Manor.




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