EnerduGeorge  Shafer’s e-mail to Mayor Levi 
On Jul 2, 2014, at 1:04 PM, “george@shafer.ca” <george@shafer.ca> wrote:

According to a recent article in the Millstone, the council has the ability to pass a bylaw to delay the Enerdu project.


Will you be bringing up this item for a vote at council? I would like to see this bylaw passed.

George Shafer
Almonte, ON. K0A1A0

Mayor Levi’s response

Mr Shafer the article states “MAY” have option. We are in process of having Consultant study the setting up of an Heritage Designated Area. Important part of study is to define the area to be designated. We would be totally irresponsible to bring forward a bylaw without a decision being made on the area to be designated. Sorry to say but Millstone may not be your best source for accurate information.

Editor’s note – The proposed heritage site clearly includes the location of the Enerdu Mill. The purpose of the by-law is to delay changes while a determination is made. See below

Proposed Heritage Site
Excerpt from study proposal presented to a public information session  by consultant architects