By Michael Rikley-Lancaster, Executive Director/Curator

What a fabulous evening! On November 1st at 7pm, 170 guests were swept away: first to the South Pacific and finally to Barcelona. The gallery at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte was transformed for the Celebrate the Goddess Hair and Fashion Show, with flying paper dragons and swaths of glittering textiles. Greeted at the door by CJOH’s Joel Haslam in native dress, guests were offered delicious cocktails and appetizers before being wowed by an amazing array of fashions from The White Lilly.

These included leather boots in a marvellous assortment of colours and styles, dramatic black coats, together with pants, tops, and dresses in a veritable rainbow of hues that mixed and matched on models that included CJOH’s Leanne Cusack and Kathie Donovan.

Guests were then treated to “styling on the spot” by the talented staff from Saje who transformed trios of models with hairstyles that ranged from glamorous to astonishing. Inspired by a trip to Barcelona, Louise Bealieu and her stylists created curving upsweeps worthy of the trendiest styling magazines.

The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum wants to say a huge thank you to the power-duo behind this amazing event: Lilly White, owner of The White Lilly clothing store and Louise Beaulieu, master stylist and owner of Saje Wisdom Salon and Spa. Thanks also go to Prior Engagements for the champagne flutes. This show truly demonstrated that residents of Almonte and area have businesses at their fingertips that can transform them into the chicest of fashionistas.

This wonderful evening raised over $5,000 for the Textile Museum, which will be used to complete the Museum’s new education room. This new facility will be used in the Museum’s outreach programs for school groups and to expand its workshops and summer camps. The new education room will also be available for rental for meetings, lectures, and workshops.

Once again, a tremendous thank you to Lilly, Louise, and all their talented helpers.