by susan macaulay
inspired by

it’s true it’s confusing
maybe even inane
to name a street mill
when it should be called main
how could it have happened?
tourists wonder in vain
as they wander around
in the snow, sun and rain
mill could be up
between mary & martin
and main could be be down
where the hill is just startin’
why don’t they just switch it?
why not make it clear?
replace mill street with main
‘cause everything’s here!
it’s chock as a block
full of fun and smart places
and in june they make room
for the bicycle races
not everyone favours
suggestions of change
though over the years
there’s been quite a range
almonte’s heart had grown quiet
until some saw potential
now it hops with cute shops
packed with goods quintessential
i love it that mill street’s
the name of the main
so what if it’s sometimes
a drain on the brain?
if it were me,
i would leave it the same
add a twist to the list
of the town’s claims to fame