Cliff Bennett sends along this note: “My Granddaughter Sarah, who lives in Guelph and is owner/director of day programmes for young people, sent me the following list of activities that children can do at home during this virus isolation. I would like to pass it on to the community.”

I’m sure everyone is feeling pressure to keep your kids learning while they’re out of school and I just wanted to say that you’re doing a great job! Learning comes from so many sources other than just “school” and I feel that this time is a perfect chance to focus on that. Here are some activity ideas that might be a great way to learn some life skills …

  1. Have them design a fitness class/routine that everyone in the house attends
  2. Have them design a restaurant and serve a meal (even mud pies count!)
  3. Call a senior that they haven’t met and read them a story
  4. Put on a play/story with toys
  5. Turn the house into a village and give each room a different purpose
  6. Pop the hood of a car and get them to guess what everything does and do the same with the dashboard lights
  7. Let them help you sort your documents for filing taxes or make some fake documents for them to file
  8. Do mock interviews for their dream job
  9. Do a news report based on something positive that happened in the world or in your house
  10. Have a sheet/laundry folding competition with multiple rounds (basic, to fit in a certain container, animal-shaped, etc)

Sarah Stubbs
Director and Founder of Life Gears Academy