Suzanne Evans, the author of The Taste of Longing, and event coordinator and book lover Danielle K.L. Grégoire, would like to invite you to an intimate virtual Imaginary Feast.

Winter is approaching, and there is a good chance that this year our holiday celebrations will look a lot different. Suzanne and Danielle see this as an opportunity to create new traditions.

The Imaginary Feast is inspired by Ethel Mulvany and her Starving Prisoners of War Cookbook. Imprisoned by the Japanese in Singapore’s notorious Changi Jail in World War Two, Ethel was so determined to survive the horrors of starvation she rallied the women around her to sustain themselves by talking about the foods of their dreams. The Taste of Longing is Ethel’s story.

Our feast would be a small virtual gathering of people excited about sharing the stories behind a meaningful meal, or recipe. It would be an opportunity to come together and make new friends by exploring how food and the memories of past culinary experiences can lift us up and connect us.

Each feast would take place over Zoom with no more than 10 people. Suzanne will be there to share a bit of Ethel’s life, and we will create a sort of round table of storytelling.

The evening would begin at 7pm with a short reading of The Taste of Longing by Suzanne, and then each guest would have 5-6 minutes to bring their story and recipe to the table. The evening would run an hour and a half, and the recipes collected and shared.  Each session would be recorded so that you could have a memory of the evening.

Do you have a story of a meal that has stuck with you and a recipe – simple or elaborate – to share? There are four dates to choose from:

Tuesday November 24th
Wednesday December 2nd
Monday December 7th
Thursday December 17th

If you’re interested in taking part, or know someone who would like to participate we would love to hear from you!

Email: with the subject Imaginary Feast and your preferred date.