A reader sends me this lovely letter:

This is a story of gratitude to share, about how a couple went out of their way to help a stranger.

I went grocery shopping in Carleton Place and hurriedly loaded my purchases in the trunk of my car.

Due to COVID safety regulations, I chose not to bring my purse into the store, only my keys and debit card. Hence my phone remained in my purse, in the car.

I inadvertently set the keys down in the trunk and then closed it. There I was with no keys and no phone. Shortly after, I noticed a gentleman stopping to help his wife load their groceries and asked if they were going to Almonte, where our truck was being serviced. We keep a second set of keys in it.

They indicated they live in another direction but kindly offered to drive me to the garage in Almonte to get them.

Despite this current pandemic, Bill and Carol of Franktown assured me they would gladly drive me there, without a moment’s hesitation.

They looked upon the drive as an adventure, which truly amazed me! The conversation during the entire trip was warm, full of shared travels and genuinely interesting.

Keys in hand, we retraced our steps back to Carleton Place where I retrieved my car.

It is not genius, nor glory, nor love that reflects the greatness of the human soul, it is kindness! (Author unknown)

With a grateful heart,