Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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SportsLadies Night at Lawn Bowling Club

Ladies Night at Lawn Bowling Club

Warm and sunny weather provided the ladies of the Almonte Lawn Bowling Club a perfect night for their annual ‘Ladies Night’ on Monday 17 July.

Ladies Night is a single Monday night designated for play only by the Club women. The 19 members who participated this Monday had a great time with ‘Ladies only completion.’ The Club men provided assistance.

The men carried the ladies’ bowls from their vehicle to the Club and then to their assigned rink as play began. As their eight-end game progressed selected men kept score and raked the bowls at the finish of each end. After the game finished the men collected the ladies’ bowls and returned all the equipment into storage while the ladies went into the Club to enjoy refreshments prepared under the eagle eye of ‘Chief cook and bottle washer’, Allan McNeeley.

Thanks to all the male members of the Club who helped ensure the ladies had a great fun filled evening.




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