Dai Bassett writes:

As a newcomer to the unique town of Almonte, it was a real honor to take part in this year’s celebration on Mill Street.

Rod MacIvor photo for the Millstone

I wrote this song for the occasion, and respectfully submit it to The Millstone, in case it is of interest to my fellow readers.

Let’s light up the night for Christmas,
in Almonte our dear little town.
We’ll close off the street, and together we’ll meet,
and enjoy all the “Christmasy “sounds.
All our favorite songs we’ll be singing,
about reindeer with sleigh bells a-ringing;
and young girls and boys are excited for toys,
they know good old Santa will soon be a-bringing!

Let’s light up the night, with fireworks so bright,
where everyone’s happy and everything’s right.
Whatever the weather , we’ll all be together,
at Christmas in Almonte we light up the night.

On Mill Street is where we will be,
and the stores and the merchants you’ll see-
will display all their treasures
and oh-what a pleasure,
their smiles and their welcome for you and for me.
On the stage, where the music is playing,
all the great local talent displaying,
we’ll bundle up warm with our neighbors and friends,
as the fireworks o’er the falls bring our night to an end.

Repeat final line to close.