Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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NewsLiberal sign tear downs.

Liberal sign tear downs.

The Millstone has had several reports by outraged readers concerning the tear down of Liberal campaign signs throughout the riding. Ms. Cornell has reported that a large number of her two post signs have been vandalized beyond repair and must be replaced. Replacing signs is costly and she thinks that is the point of the tear downs. The Liberal campaign has reported the damage to the OPP.

 The most noticeable teardown has been along Hwy#29 where Liberal signs are slashed in two. Campaign signs for other parties remained untouched. The Jack MacLaren campaign has stated that it has had very little sign vandalism and indicated that "everyone has been told to leave the signs (of other parties) alone". There is a substantial penalty for damaging signs that do not belong to you. Scott Simser, the Green Party candidate stated that the Green Party is "aghast at these acts of vandalism, and denounces such as being anti-democratic." He stated thatthe Green Party is letting the Cornell campaign know where the signs are torn down so they can collaborate with the Liberals as democrats in spirit. The Green Party just notified the Liberals this morning about a Cornell sign tear down at the corner of Stonehaven and Eagleson. The Green Party sign was also down. 




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