Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Phyllis Moore — obituary

Moore, Phyllis Elizabeth (nee Bell) August 27, 1950...

Diana’s Quiz – December 3, 2022

by Diana Filer 1. What is the difference...

Dawn Rodney — obituary

Kimberley Bleue Dawn (Empey) Rodney   August 14th,...
Arts & CultureLights, camera -- well, you know

Lights, camera — well, you know

by Brent Eades

It will likely come as no surprise that there are not one but two Christmas movies currently shooting in Almonte. Here are the plot summaries:

Christmas Explorer 

Emilia is a spirited geography lover who works at the Crescent Map Company in her small town of Crescent Cove. As Christmas nears and she finishes up a gift for her nephew in New Zealand, famous world photographer Drew Campbell rolls into town and challenges her “stay-at-home” knowledge with his “frontline” experience. The two turn conflict into compromise as they help each other finish projects they wouldn’t have done alone. Merry Christmas. 

A Chance for Christmas

When “Love Handles” offers Christina the chance to become its new brand ambassador, there’s nothing she wants more. All she has to do is get 2 million engagements on her Christmas Eve livestream. Sounds pretty simple for someone who’s already an internet sensation, but when the day comes, she is greeted with a surprise guest that throws off her whole game. When she doesn’t reach her stream goal and wishes she could do the whole day over again, she is sent through a never-ending do-over until she finally gets it right. A Christmas Groundhog Day. 

We’ve been asked by readers why movies can film here during COVID, and the town has sent us this info:

Their industry has permission to work. They have very strict COVID 19 protocols. In fact much stricter than most other people or businesses. Because they don’t want to be shut down they are very invested in ensuring everyone is following the guidelines. They know one case could cripple their industry.

The full guidelines are here: COVID19 – ON Protocols-08.05




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